Sunday 30 March 2008

Sunday bimbling...

Finally I received my long-awaited packages from the UK containing several useful bits of PC kit. Namely USB IDE/SATA cables and the USB connection for my iRiver HDD MP3 player.

Woke up early after having shall we say a discussion with our cloven-hoofed neighbours last night, who live above us on the fifth floor. Let's just say they seemed to understand my rather terse comment.

I managed to arrange for a card to be given to my niece Esmé today via Mum, as it was her birthday. Seems strange not being able to celebrate these things as I always used to be able to do when in the UK.

Started watching "The Italian Job" (the proper version and not the pale imitation) after finally sorting out the TVersity server on my laptop. This awfully clever software allows a PC/laptop to be able to stream stuff wirelessly to my PlayStation3. The people that created it have been rewarded for their efforts. It also streams MP3 audio plus lets you view digital camera photos on the big screen. I can't rate it highly enough.

Going to check out a 40" LCD later down at Montevideo Shopping. It's incredible how much money they want for electronic goods in Uruguay and it will roughly cost me double the amount I'd be paying in the UK. Sadly, my quality LG 37" was sold before my departure to Kate, a longtime friend. She seems to be very happy with it - no wonder ;-)


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