Tuesday 31 March 2009

Mutant fly lands in Montevideo

I was alerted to a monster fly in the living room when my girlfriend Ale grabbed hold of me, clutching my arm and shrieking 'Get rid of it, urrghhhhhh'. I went to the window and on the curtains I saw this enormous mutant fly, rather dozy and quite happy to be swatted. I tapped it lightly with a flip-flop once it had landed on the floor and was surprised to see its thorax crack open slightly. After gently taking it outside by holding its wings, I went and grabbed my K800i to get a picture of the unfolding nastiness. The fly was obviously ready to impregnate something with its load. Disgusting.

At this point, Ale was going a bit mental so I managed to take another picture before giving it the big squish treatment.
I suppose that's nature at work but it's still yukkaroo.

My mate Ed suggested that I put them in a jam jar and watch the maggots feast on their dear departed parent but I'm not that bad ... hehe


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