Friday 17 October 2008

Queenborough No. 3

I spoke with my parents yesterday, after they had arrived back from a trip on their narrowboat which is moored in Northants somewhere. It was previously based at Stoke Golding but the trip always took a good few hours so they made the decision recently to moor it closer to home. Whenever anyone makes mention of the 'barge' to me in conversation, I always hastily correct them - it's a narrowboat, not a barge. It reminds of of one of my old teachers (Bill Linton) at school who used to fly into an incandescent rage and stated that it was a ship, not a boat.

Anyway I digress as usual. The main reason for posting was to attach the following picture, which I think perfectly shows a lovely autumnal scene, taken from the stern of Queenborough No.3 at Stoke Bruerne, and it was taken during the last couple of days when my parents had some friends stay over on the boat - Brian and Helen Hipgrave.

For those of you that don't know, Queenborough was named after the place on the Isle of Sheppey where my dear Nan and Granddad used to live.

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