Monday 7 April 2008

A cacophony of noise

Noisy bleeders.

That's all I can say when summarising the population of Montevideo. Every weekend, we seem to attract scores of young delinquents drinking alcohol and sitting right opposite our flat on a low wall. Since it's normally quiet round here, their vocal chorus of pisshead songs at 4am doesn't go down too well with Alessandra. Nor me for that matter.

Apparently the police are as useful as trying to wipe your bum on a car bonnet so it's almost anarchy. I've hatched a plan for next Saturday when I intend to mix some honey with chilli powder, plaster it all over the wall - and then sit back and enjoy the results. I probably won't though since the plan is still in my head but hey ho - always nice to think what you'd like to do eh?

Another Spanglish lesson today with reflexive verbs and pronouns. What joy!

Plus a visit to la dentista to sort my gnashers out.


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