Thursday 10 April 2008

Previous page function in Firefox

I've just found out how to change the default behaviour of my beloved browser Firefox in Ubuntu. I installed the Ubuntu 64 'Gutsy Gibbon' release a couple of weeks ago. For those that don't know, Ubuntu is an alternative operating system which runs on Linux.

Anyway - back to the story. Pressing the backspace key on the Firefox browser in Windows simply returned you to the previous page that you were viewing. Not so in Ubuntu! It does a 'Page Up' by scrolling up the screen, which to be honest is quite irritating.

Judging by the amount of forum posts I've seen on the subject, it seems to have annoyed quite a few people and this default behaviour won't be changing any time soon.

But help is at hand. If you want to change this setting, open up the config pane by entering the following in the address bar:


You'll then see a page of options in techno-speak. Search for one titled 'browser.backspace_action', and the value will be set to 1. Modify the value accordingly by setting it to 0.

You will then be returned to the world of normal backspace action on Firefox.

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