Monday 21 April 2008

Tango in Buenos Aires

We finally arrived in Buenos Aires, under the strange light of semi-darkness due to the clouds of smoke pervading the air. Our home for the night was a delightful loft-style apartment called the Tribeca - a great choice made by Ale, my girlfriend.

The ceiling in the apartment was very high, possibly over 14 ft tall and all the apartments looked out upon an open-air courtyard which was pleasant. We went out with a friend of Ale's from Montevideo who had moved to BS AS. Ceci's choice was a small funky restaurant in downtown St Elmo. After a great night's sleep and a quality breakfast, we headed off to our next stop which was the Abasto Plaza Hotel, from where I am writing.

We've spent most of the day doing the sad old tourist thing but I actually quite enjoyed it all to be honest. Buenos Aires has a certain buzz (something like London, but not the same) and it is a lot more modern compared to Montevideo.

After much 'Johnnie Walking', I successfully managed to evade the proposed 'Learn to Tango' session in the hotel so I'm quite thankful for that. Ale's hunger for shopping failed to disappear so she's now off trawling the boutiques in the local area. It feels quite safe here which surprised me.

Everywhere seems to offer free wifi on the go but not this hotel. And the cheek of it all is that the wireless access is non-existent. Oh, and did I mention the best bit? You have to pay for it as well...

I will be returning to Montevideo on Tuesday, with Ale returning on Thursday when her Human resources course finishes.

That's all for now.


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