Monday 14 April 2008

Hardy Heron release - UBUNTU

I managed to 'successfully' upgrade to Hardy Heron release of Ubuntu over the weekend. I say successfully in quotes since although the upgrade itself said it completed successfully, I've lost the ability to connect to wireless networks - which is a royal pain. So I'm composing this on my new glass table in the office, courtesy of Magui y Nacho.

It seems to be a battle between Network manager and WICD, which was already resident on my system. I've already spent 2-3 hours trying to get it working and if I don't succeed, I will revert back to Gutsy Gibbon (v7.10). Let's hope this all gets sorted prior to the LIVE release. It's still in beta so you have to accept these things happening.

One other thing I've noticed is that my browser doesn't initiate when I click on a link in an email on Thunderbird. I hasten to add that I'm running Firefox 3 beta 5. Links worked before so I can only assume it's something to do with the patchy (in parts) upgrade success.

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