Tuesday 29 April 2008

Latency issues again (updated)

Whilst on the subject of my internet connection, I am experiencing packet loss running at 8% and severe lag (admittedly during gaming on the PS3). So much so, I tend to end up on the losing side in games which is particularly annoying.

I don't hold out much hope of ANTEL upgrading their infrastructure upon receipt of my somewhat terse email but a reply would be nice. This is the third time of contacting them.

They certainly DON'T earn their 35 UK pounds a month that I pay them for a paltry 1.5Mb connection.

UPDATE - Monday evening, 20th May 2008

Amazingly, I was actually able to enjoy playing Call of Duty 4 online last night. Whatever ANTEL have done to fix their problems, please leave it alone from now on !!
Still no reply to my three emails though, it's like talking to the proverbial brick wall.

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