Friday 10 June 2011

PlayStation Network - Welcome back offer

After the recent PSN hack fiasco, Sony have finally offered us gamers the option to download your choice of 2 free games from a selection.

This goes some way to recompense me for the fact that Sony have locked my account, saying that there were 5 PS3s connected to that account. When my old '60Gb fat launch version' borked for the last time, I took the option of purchasing a new 'slim' PS3. After connecting it up, and attempted to download all of my previously purchased content (DLC stuff like map packs for Call of Duty), I was met with an error message saying "5 PS3s connected to this account, unable to download". What a complete load of spherical objects. This is on a brand new PS3.

Anyway, on to the new free games situation. I simply hooked up my PS3 to all 5 of my PSN accounts, downloaded 2 games on one UID, then logged in to one of the other accounts, and hey presto, more free games.

On this occasion, Sony 0 - Johnnyboy 1   :-)

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Windows XP error

Just reinstalled XP after a new PC purchase and came across a problem:

Oh, how I laughed at the irony of Microsoft's DEP pulling the plug on Windows Update.