Tuesday 7 February 2017

Raspberry Pi V1 - Wheezy vs Jessie

I've had many Raspberry Pi computers, with most of them being either V2 or V3 but I do have one of the original version 1 Pi computers - this one has only 512MB of RAM and a single core/processor. Whilst in the process of reallocation of duties, I decided to set this one up in 'Kiosk mode' so that I can display the webcam output from one of my more powerful Pi3 computers.

I hit loads of problems with trying to get motion working as it all seems to be geared towards the Jessie release, and my Pi1 was running Wheezy. I thought that it would be good to go back to square one and start afresh. I went to search on the internet to find a download site for the Wheezy image of Raspbian and hit a problem as the Raspberry Pi website only lists current releases i.e. Jessie and that won't work with mine as it's armhf as opposed to armv6l

Anyways, long story short and all that. After much searching, I came across this URL after trwaling through the forums:

Raspberry Pi V1 Wheezy image

Hope this helps.