Wednesday 23 May 2012

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare PS3 update!

I've recently found out a way of getting past the loop mentioned in my previous post, where users of the original Modern Warfare were unable to get past the Yes/No option when attempting to play the game.

After watching a few videos on YouTube, the trick involves switching off your WiFi router so that the PS3 starts the game without a network connection - if you're using wireless that is.

The game should now start without that annoying error message that you simply cannot dismiss or answer. As soon as you get to the point where you can access the multiplayer menu option, simply switch your Wifi router on, wait a minute and then play.

Acitivision's website is completely useless in this regard since all it offers as advice is to reconnect your PS3 up to the router - which simply doesn't work and I've verified that by trying it.