Wednesday 23 April 2008

Fog in Montevideo

Left Buenos Aires last night after a lovely 3 day break. It all seemed to be going so well, as the flight from Argentina to Uruguay is only a 30 minute hop. When the plane started to adopt a stacking pattern, I knew something was brewing and sure enough, the pilot told us that there was fog at Carrasco airport and we would be circling whilst waiting for it to clear. After 30 minutes of burning up the world's vital resources we were refused permission to land and had to fly to Punta del Este!

When we touched down, there were 3 fire engines in attendance with their lights flashing. Probably a good move since the American pilot seemed to rip the wheels off on landing.

El Jaguel is Punta's only airport and the terminal is tiny. It was a strange scene, with only a few airport personnel available. No-one from Pluna was there, which was inexcusable.

We had to take a coach for the trip back to Montevideo (again, in foggy conditions). This interminably long trip was made all the worse as Captain Slow was driving and we eventually made it back to Carrasco airport. I'd like to say thanks to the chica that spoke to me in English to tell me what was happening, so thanks - whoever you are!

Skanked by a cab driver who spoke no English and drove like a mad man, and went to bed after 2am, not great considering I left Buenos Aires at 9pm.

Pluna customer services will be on the receiving end of a sharp email from me in the next few minutes, I can assure you.

Not happy.

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