Friday 6 June 2008

Montevideo Players

Apologies for the late blog, but I've only just got around to writing about where we went a couple of weeks ago. A friend of Ale's at work arranged for some tickets for a play, which was being put on by the oldest English drama society in Latin America. They are called the Montevideo Players, and this production was an affectionate look at 'Allo 'Allo which was a TV series from the 80's in the UK.

It was a good evening, and the cast performed well. Of course, I wasn't upset when two of the parts required short skirts, namely Yvette and Maria ;-) Rounded off the evening by having a pint or two in the bar. Although I found it unlikely that they would have Speckled Hen on tap, I was a bit disappointed they only had the local brew Pilsen - and in bottles. Par for the course ....

Still, met up with a friendly Scot and his girlfriend. Nice chap John, good choice of name. Also met with a few of the cast, and quite by chance - one of them was the VP of Winterbotham here in Uruguay. They also have an office in the Bahamas, so if anything work-wise pops up, it could be very good for Johnnyboy.

There is a chance there will be a curry night soon so we've already put our name down. None of this 'curry' nonsense that Montevideans think is curry, hopefully it will be the real Indian that I've craved since moving to Montevideo 3 months ago. Nothing like the taste of Makhani or Rogan Josh - that's what I say!



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