Saturday 9 August 2008

Indian curry King and Queen of Montevideo!

Hello all.

Last night we took part in the curry contest organised by the Montevideo Players society in Acevedo Diaz. Quite a few people turned up, around 30 at my estimate and the competition was fierce - the same as some of the curries!

Entry #1 was some kind of sweet concoction, with pineapple. Rather poor in my opinion.

Entry #2 took my breath away, as it was chilli-ed up with some real bite. Interesting as it contained apple, and even more interesting - bananas. This was the entry from John, the Scot we've met recently.

Entry #3 was typical of a 1980's interpretation of an Indian curry, complete with the requisite sultanas. Quite pleasant, although it reminded me of the Vesta curries my Dad used to have ;-)

Entry #4 was pretty good. Not much to describe, but medium hot.

Entry #5 was our concoction. I'd prepared the onion, garlic and freshly grated ginger. Ale seasoned the chicken with some rogan josh mix and garam masala, then some fresh cream. It all came together well, although we had to reduce it somewhat. In other words, I spent 20 mins continually stirring it until it had thickened to the required consistency.

After much deliberation and the comment by the judges that this year's contest was one of the closest, first prize went to:

John and Ale !!! Yippeeee !!!!

We won a meal for two at a restaurant in Carrasco.

Pictured above right is Ale receiving the mortar and pestle cup, from Jack - the president of the Montevideo Players society. It shall be engraved in due course, although we'll have to think up a name as per previous winners (Nehru/Gandhi etc.)

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