Monday 1 September 2008

Back in Blighty

Well, my 6 months was up and I managed to get my ticket booked and sorted within a day or so. All I had to do was go and collect my PlayStation3 from the menders (the 2nd one in as many weeks) and jump on the plane.

My trip was supposed to be with TAM which is a Brazilian airline, and routed through Sao Paulo and onto London. We somehow managed to miss this booking, and got an Iberia flight instead. More expensive, and the initial leg was MVD to Madrid which took nearly 13 hours. In my view that's an enormously long time to be over a vast expanse of water such as the Atlantic!

I arrived after an 11 hour delay and was met by my parents - it was great to see them again. Almost immediately, I was greeted by the sight of all the lovely new motors on the roads, and even saw an Audi S5 in the airport car park. There was a funny moment outside the airport where my Mum and Dad ingratiated themselves with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, who was ahtside, havin a faaaag ;-) He's quite a thesp, but rolled back into a rather heavy Irish accent when my Dad made a joke about the situation.

I've already been down to pick my Audi A8 up from Benenden, where it was being stored by a friend. I took Claudia with me, so she could see a bit of the English countryside. Claudia is the sister of Gaby Russo, and she is Uruguayan. She was staying with my parents for a week in order to arrange further accommodation in Kilburn, and my kind parents offered to put her up in the meantime. After seeing virtually no sun all week, Claudia was most happy when Saturday turned into an archetypal English summer's day. It was very pleasant.

My old motor hadn't been started for 6 months, but after a quick hook-up to my sister's Honda Civic Sport and it started first time. Very impressive. Not so impressive was the fact that half of the car looked like it had been resprayed for some reason! I think there are a few questions that need answering on that subject.... Later that afternoon, there was a traditional wedding at St George's Church in Benenden, and we saw a couple of vintage cars namely a Lagonda and an MG.

I'm now splitting my time between Sue and Ian's, and my parents. Sue is the mother of Hannah, and Hannah is my god-daughter.I'm hopefully going to meet up with some more friends this week as I am now officially mobile.

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