Tuesday 13 January 2009

My venture back into the world of Windows

I've always been interested in the latest OS from Microsoft as it promised to offer a lot more than Vista ever did, namely in terms of speed. I eventually managed to download the 32-bit beta version and get it installed under VirtualBox OSE in Ubuntu as a virtual machine.

First impressions are speed, speed and yet more speed.

This is good news for anyone that was mildly surprised that Vista wouldn't run well on their laptop/PC simply because of all the huge bloat-boat that Vista is. It does still look pretty much the same on the inside though. I'm off to test the 64-bit version to see how that fares.

Currently Windows 7 as a beta gets the thumbs up from Johnnyboy simply because they seem to have addressed the speed problem that afflicted Vista when run on fairly modest hardware. Of course, that could ALL change when the product goes live...

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