Tuesday 31 March 2009

Windows Vista and its huge disk space requirements, plus my external monitor

As part of a project to get my girlfriend's laptop up and running again (minus its CD-ROM drive), I've had the displeasure of installing Vista again.

I am astounded at how much disk space it seems to consume. Two common problems appear to be Windows Event reporting alongside what's called the (side by side) Winsxs folder.

Allowing for 20Gb for install, I found that after only a few programs had been installed that the whole Vista OS had eaten up nearly all of my disk space. 20Gb for an operating system - I DON'T think.

Running the disk cleanup tool gave me back some of the space (4Gb) but it was unable to do much with the gargantuan winsxs folder. How the developers at Microsoft sleep at night, no-one knows. Total bloat in my opinion.

My recommendation is to set Windows Error Reporting to Off, which can be accessed via the Control Panel (Settings|Control Panel|Problem Reports and Solutions). Goodbye and good riddance.

On a more happy note, I was pleased to be able to get my external monitor hooked up to my ACER laptop. This can be a right royal pain under UBUNTU 8.10 Intrepid Ibex with its overly complex xorg.conf file editing etc. so I was pleased to be able to do the following.

Press Windows key and X to bring up the Mobility Center [sic]:

From there, you can simply enable the external monitor. Very useful.


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