Friday 17 April 2009

Pathetic ANTEL, my ISP

I've had reason to ring ANTEL recently, even though I don't speak Spanish - such was my frustration.

They charge me 35 GBP a month for a pony service. That's for a 2Mbps connection.

Here's a list of my recent results from

I suppose I should just be thankful I don't have to rely on it for work purposes. ANTEL are a bunch of thieves and it's money for old rope. 3 times the cost, and 10 times slower, and that's when it's supposed to be running at full tilt - which I hasten to add never happens, unless you just happen to be downloading from a site somewhere in Uruguay.

Interestingly, when I phoned them, they said they don't guarantee times/speeds outside of Uruguay. Well that's complete nonsense - do they think the internet doesn't exist outside of Uruguay? Idiots, the lot of them.


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