Tuesday 2 March 2010

PS3 now working again after Feb29th date bug fiasco

My old fat PS3 didn’t work properly all day yesterday, and the only games I could successfully play were Colin McRae ‘DiRT’ and one of my old WipEout 2097 games. All the others failed to start with some trophy/copyright error. I’d tried setting the clock manually beforehand to see if it would ‘fix’ things but it didn’t.
Switched it on at 12:20 am this morning (minus RJ45 network connection) and without contacting the internet or doing anything else, my PS3 was then back to complete normality.
2 things.
1) Sony appear to have let 24 hours pass to let the bug fix itself.
2) More worrying is that my system wouldn’t let me play more than 90% of my games.
A poor show Sony, and the lack of updates was inexcusable. I’m currently on the 5th PS3 (initial 60Gb launch model) so you could say I’m more patient and loyal than some ;-)
Give it a couple of days and there will probably be a new firmware update, applicable to just those old ‘phat’ PS3 owners.

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