Friday 8 July 2016

Flashing taskbar on Raspberry Pi?

Recently I encountered an issue with the Raspberry Pi where the taskbar kept flashing on and off, perhaps once every second or so.

After much digging around on 'tinterweb', I found that the solution was to remove the following entry for alsa in the following file:


Removed the entry:

Plugin {
Config {

Saved the file, rebooted the Pi (I don't think the reboot is essential though) and all now works perfectly! Hope this helps you.


I recently encountered a very similar issue on my rather ancient original Raspberry Pi (512Mb mem/single core) and the above recommendations failed to work. In the end, I had to edit the /boot/config.txt file and add the following entry:



Nagesh said...

Excellent. It worked perfectly for me! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Works fine : You save my night... great thanks !!!

Billybangleballs said...

Fixed it for me, no more flashing taskbar. Thanks.