Saturday 4 October 2008

A cinema visit

After an early evening walk along the rambla, we had a phone call from Majo suggesting we went to see a film. After taking a quick peek at the MovieCenter website (apologies for the spelling but it's very Americanised here, or should I say Americanized) - we decided on a film from the UK.

Called 'Death at a funeral', it was a comedy based on the events surrounding a middle-class funeral in a slightly posh area of England, somewhere near Crawley - IF that's possible. Notable characters included the delectable Daisy Donovan (of 11 o'clock Show fame), Kris Marshall (My Family and those bleeding BT ads) and a dwarf! Best performance was from Simon, who was playing Daisy Donovan's fiancee in the film. You'll have trouble believing that he's natively Texan.

It was hilarious and I felt intensely proud that British humour had managed to cross the Atlantic and keep the crowd in the cinema laughing or gasping all the way through. Top stuff.

It was subtitled in Spanish so there were a few moments where the audience started laughing either before or after me, but that's something you get used to. All in all, well recommended.


Ken Macklin said...

Sounds like an interesting movie. I see that you have become a follower of my blog. Is it an accident? I would like to know .. Just curious. Besides this is the first time I am talking to someone in Uruguay. The only things I know about the country is that Uruguay was first to win the Football World Cup hosted by the same.

Looking forward to hearing more from you :)


Ken Macklin said...

I know not what to say me old son ... The 66 incident is probably the best I have ever come across .. I was born nearly two decades after that but have seen endless documentaries about the same. A team with Sir Bobby Charlton and Bobby Robson. They dont make like them anymore I guess. I have always been an England supporter when it comes Football.