Thursday 2 October 2008

Holiday over, now back in Montevideo

I was back in the UK for a whole month. Spent most of my time guzzling the world's resources by lumping petrol in the Audi V8 hehe.

I did manage to meet up with Alden for the usual chicken lunch session, and also Paul Connor and Mark Debruin.

On the work front, I've had varying degrees of success. One job for Sabre Airline Services in 2nd line Tech Support wasn't offered to me as I was TOO experienced whatever that means. A back-handed compliment I think! Another job is mine for the taking at an English Language institute here in Nueva Helvecia/Montevideo ( but it's relatively poor money.

My last hedged bet is with Tata, but with the outsourcing arm called Tata Consultancy Services. They operate here in which is a free trade zone with lots of tax perks. The job is affectionately titled VI Analyst which sounds suitably noncey and I went for the interview and landed the job, on a good salary. This all kicked off the day before I left for the UK, so I was told they needed to approach the client (Johnson & Johnson, US) to gain authorisation. End of story, or so I thought. After a month of lazy shenanigans in the UK, I emailed them on my return to be met with the reply that they were waiting for an Oracle DBA so my job is on hold.

Forgive me for sounding pedantic, but when someone rings you and offers you the job and you accept, then surely you start work? Call me an old-fashioned Luddite if you want, but is it meeee???? hehehe

Highlight of my week is going to be meeting up with 5 English people who've made the trip to Uruguay. I think Ale wants me to welcome them with open arms and make them cups of tea ;-)

That's all for now.

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