Friday 14 November 2008

More interviews and a birthday

Yes, I was 41 on Monday. And of all things best not to do on your birthday, I had two interviews lined up!

The first was with some foreign exchange trading company, based in the exotic location of Montevideo's very own World Trade Center [sic] complete with two mini twin towers. I kid you not...

The first interview was a complete pigs ear due to the fact that they hadn't done their homework. I arrived in good time (in other words, I was early) and proceeded to sit around for 10 minutes in a holding room where Bloomberg TV was blaring out. It was my first real taste of money and I had a good feeling about the office environment. My hopes were dashed after another 10 minute wait in the boardroom when 2 power-dressed women walked in and started babbling away in their native Spanish. With my best puppy dog eyes and a blurted phrase 'Can we speak in English please?', I then discovered that the position was for Spanish and English - although I had pointed out that I only spoke English when I applied for the post. A complete and utter waste of time, and not very professional on their part. I left the office smiling and walked out into the sunshine to meet up with Ale.

The second interview was just across the road for a much smaller company that provided server solutions (goodness - I hate that phrase). The position was for a Solaris (UNIX) administrator to oversee the installation of IT equipment for a client. It all went very well so fingers crossed. Bearing in mind the wheels of industry tend to turn at a slower rate than walking pace here, I will have to wait and see.

Birthday boy had some friends round that evening. One of my prezzies of all things was a breadmaker. Superb! I've always hated the rubbish they produce here that turns to dust when you whack it in the toaster. So I'm going to start experimenting and see if it can make something resembling a 'split-tin' ;-)

That's it for now - off to play with my Puppy Lighthouse linux install on my laptop.

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