Tuesday 4 November 2008

Weekend away in Colonia del Sacramento

We went to Colonia at the weekend. Ale had booked it up about a month ago, and I knew she was looking forward to it as much as me.

Colonia is an old town, with lots of picturesque old buildings and homes. Most of the side streets are cobbled, some more so than others. And when I say some more so than others, the most striking examples have some real ankle-killer stones laid out in a haphazard fashion. I think these streets must be at least 200 years old and Colonia has some real history with evidence of both the Portuguese and Spanish in abundance.

Driving into Colonia is pleasant on the eye, with the last 10km of road lined by massive old palm trees. Life is lived at a slow pace, and the speed limits drop progressively on arrival. You simply cannot drive any faster than 15-20 km/h or all your fillings will come out. This is is no way criticism of the place, it's what makes it what it is!

When you are there, you have a feeling of security and peace. No more car alarms or barking dogs that grind you down when in Montevideo. We walked the streets on a guided tour, and spent some time just exploring. We also went up inside a lighthouse, but I think that Ale is regretting that right now. The 120 steps it took to reach the top have come back to haunt her and her legs hurt. Thankfully, I'm not afflicted in the same way, hopefully because of my old cycling legs ;-)

We stayed at a beautiful 'lounge' hotel right in the centre of the old town. It was an excellent place to stay and thoroughly recommended. Take a look at their website here

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