Thursday 17 July 2008

Old skool for Winamp

This blog post is made especially for Steve Miller ;-)

I have been going through some of the plugins for Winamp recently and became frustrated at the lack of suitable visualizations, as they like to call them. I remembered having a great spectrum analyser installed way back in the mists of time and just couldn't find it.

I spent a while on the Winamp plugin section of their website, and after much digging - I came up with this legendary plugin by Mike Lynch (from Canada) which of course I downloaded and installed immediately!

As a convenience, I've whacked it on my personal webspace here:

Classic Spectrum Analyzer for Winamp (DOWNLOAD)

Simply double-click on the file once it has downloaded successfully to install. Next, fire up Winamp and do Ctrl-P to access the preferences. The spectrum analyzer should now be listed in the Visualization section, where you can start the plugin, stop it and also change the settings. I quite like having mine set with large bars on the default red/yellow as shown in the screen dump shown above right.

Judging from what this bloke's website says, it would appear that it's not being developed any further, which I think is a shame.


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