Wednesday 30 July 2008

Where is everybody?

I''ll certainly admit that I'm unable to see good old Blighty from here in Montevideo, even on a fine sunny day. Even Buenos Aires isn't within reach. However, I can't see a blinking thing recently, as we seem to have been cursed with fog over the last two days or so.

Dank is one word that springs to mind, and that's a word not often used in the English language.

I sit here awaiting news about a possible job offer, and the weather seems to fit my mood ;-)

At least it seems to deaden the effect of all the noise coming out of the cars, which for some reason over here tend to have blown exhausts 50% of the time. Perhaps the owners need their earwax removed. More than likely, they're simply tone deaf or don't give a flying ....

Grey JB

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